Thank you for inquiring about Eureka Learning Center.  We are honored that you are interested in learning more about our school. We hope our website will provide some preliminary information about our program and the admissions process. We look forward to talking more with you.


Admissions Process

Please call the Director, Leanne Foley, for an orientation tour. (415) 648-0380


  • We begin scheduling tours in September for the following school year
  • Tours allow families an opportunity to evaluate the program deciding if it is a good fit for their child and their family.
  • Tours run approximately an hour long. You will observe the classroom, the children and the teachers engaged in their day.
  • Tours are small groups allowing time for all your questions to be answered.


If you are interested in applying to Eureka Learning Center applications will be available after your tour.
There is a small application fee of $30.00

Admission decision letters are mailed in early March.


Our Policy

Eureka Learning Center is operated on a non-discriminatory basis. Enrollment will seek to reflect all ethnic and economic segments of the city, and incorporate integrated groups of boys and girls older 4’s and 5’s in the Transitional Kindergarten. We do not interview or evaluate the children for admissions. Children are admitted on a first come, first serve basis with consideration given to this balance. Efforts are made to grant sibling priority, but cannot be guaranteed.


Tuition and Fees

The school year begins early September and concludes early June.


The 2018/2019 yearly tuition, $15,400, can be paid with the following payment plans:

1.Full Advance Tuition (one full installment):

Entire tuition is due by June 1st. With this payment plan you receive a 3% discount.

2.Advance Tuition (two installments):

First installment is paid June 1st the second installment is paid January 1st. With this payment plan you receive a 2% discount.

3.Monthly Tuition (10 equal installments):

Installments are due on the first of the month beginning in September.


A Supply fee of $250 and an Insurance fee of $250 is due by June 1st.


Early Arrival

School day begins at 8:30am with an 8:00 am early arrival option. Early arrival can be arranged for the whole year or on an as needed basis at $12.00 a day. The following is the cost of early arrival based on how many days you need.


Scheduled Early Arrival Rates:

5 days a week $85.00 a month, or $850.00 a year

4 days a week $80.00 a month, or $800.00 a year

3 days a week $75.00 a month, or $750.00 a year

2 days a week $65.00 a month, or $650,00 a year

1 day a week $50.00 a month, or $500.00 a year


Please be in touch with the Director, Leanne Foley, with any specific admissions questions.
(415) 648-0380